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Ellen brings an engaging and fresh approach to a variety of topics. Among these are:

Ellen can work with you to design keynotes and seminars to match the need and theme of your conference or offsite.

June 18, 2019
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

High Caliber Creative Collaboration w/ Dr. Ellen Moran & Tim Basadur

Olivette City Center | 1140 Dielman Rd | Olivette, MO, 63132

Struggling to Innovate? On Tuesday, June 18th, Dr. Ellen Moran & Tim Basadur will lead a discussion on High Caliber Collaboration. Most companies know that employee-driven innovation is fundamental to growth and sustainability. Many fewer recognize that achieving innovative results requires an effective creative process and skills, and the right blend of problem-solving styles. Lack of any of these can cause teams to struggle along their path to the goal.

Tim Basadur (principal of Basadur Applied Creativity) and his St. Louis colleague, Dr. Ellen Moran, will provide an overview of each component. You will leave the meeting with several practical tools and frameworks to use in boosting creative collaboration where you work.

Click here to register for this event and receive an e-mail link to take the Basadur Innovation Profile. At the event on June 18 you will receive your personal assessment results and gain insights on how your own style can best be utilized to problem solve on your team.

April 23, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

ICF St. Louis
The Heights Community Center | Argus Room

8001 Dale Ave | Richmond Heights, MO  63117

Picture This:
Using Visuals To Deepen Coaching Conversations 2.0

Sometimes we encounter clients who are stuck in recurring stories and patterns or cannot access the deeper levels of meaning embedded in their challenge. Visuals become a non-threatening way of discovering and articulating what may be holding them back and what could move them forward. The use of images can also unleash the creative power of the coach in taking on a variety of coaching challenges using the power of metaphor to lead the client’s self-discovery and solution creation. In teams it can create safer ways to bridge misunderstandings and promote cohesion around what’s important.

The content of this session will focus on providing deep personal reflection/exploration and gaining comfort with conducting coaching conversations via visuals. This will build on Ellen’s 2017 presentation which used a card deck with a common set of images from a visuals vendor. In this session participants will gain exposure to a different methodology which uses greater variety in the types of images available. During the session, participants will explore the methodology experientially, then will share ideas that can enrich the range of applications with which they and their colleagues can experiment. This can also lead to a discussion of the advantages of each approach.

Three Learning Objectives:

  • Experience using visual images to bypass internal barriers to self-discovery
  • Practice using images to improve personal growth as a coach leveraging the ICF core competencies of Active listening, Powerful questioning, and Creating awareness
  • Explore different ways of using images for a variety of applications individually and in teams/groups
Registration and Location

February 6, 2019

Society of Consulting Psychology
MidWinter Conference
Ft Worth, TX

Presenter: Ellen Moran, PhD and Tim Basadur, MBA

Abstract: Organizations must innovate to stay competitive but the highly complex nature of the challenges they face makes it difficult to confidently decide where and how to focus their innovative efforts. Participants learn through experience: the four-stage innovation process and the three problem construction steps that comprise the front end of the creative process; and the skills of diverging and converging to move individuals and teams from ill-defined situations to clearly defined conceptualizations and innovative solutions.

May 3, 2018

Using Conversational Intelligence™ to Build High Trust/High Performing Teams

Contemporary business and social science research are beginning to highlight the critical importance of high trust cultures to achieving engagement and business results.  The challenge is that few leaders know how to reliably foster high trust climates.  They lack the knowledge to identify what may be causing distrust/dysfunction on their teams and what can be done to change it.

 Judith Glaser, the founder of Conversational Intelligence™ (C-IQ) notes that “Getting to the next level of Greatness depends on the quality of the Culture, which depends on the quality of the Relationships, which depends on the quality of the Conversations. Everything happens through Conversation!”

Registration & Location > 

February 27, 2018

Bringing Conversational Intelligence® to Life in Coaching and Team Facilitation

Ellen Moran, PCC, PhD, will share with us a brief introduction to Judith Glaser’s groundbreaking model of Conversational Intelligence® and some of the core neuroscience principles that are its foundation. Among these is how we shift neurochemistry through our conversations. It uses conversational practices and rituals to down-regulate conversations that trigger stress and up-regulate those that build trust, good health, positive relationships and foster creativity.

Registration & Location > 

January 11, 2018

The Secret Language of Cross-functional Teaming: Getting on the Same Page to Deliver Results

As OD practitioners, we are called not only to help align members within a team but also to create collaboration across functional groups.  Interdependent teams can have very different perspectives on the same goal.  We hear comments like, “We’re just not on the same page with this” or “We don’t speak the same language, we’re just talking past each other.”  In this session, we will explore the foundational concepts of the LAB Profile, a method to decode some of the common, below-conscious disconnects in people’s perceptions and prescribe the right way to construct messages. Then we will practice using these concepts to employ strategies that create deeper rapport, understanding and the ability to work together constructively.

Registration & Location > 

November 8 - 9, 2017

Ellen will be speaking on High Tech, High Touch at the Second Annual North American LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Community Meeting being held in Chicago, IL. Click here to register. Accommodations are available at Aloft Chicago, O'Hare.

October 26, 2017, 7:15 AM - 3:30 PM

Ellen will be a panelist and workshop presenter at Leading for Creativity @ Saint Louis University.

Many conferences, symposia, and training programs have been designed with a goal to improve a person's own creativity, workplace innovation, or entrepreneurship. This one-day conference focuses on cutting edge advice from research and practice for leaders, managers, and consultants who desire to help others be more creative in their work. Attendees will learn tools that all managers can use to improve and facilitate creativity in their employees across jobs and workplace contexts.

May 10, 2017, 7:45 AM

May 2017 Lewis and Clark SHRM Meeting

Ellen will be presenting Conversational Intelligence; How Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. Registration begins at 7:45 AM in the Community Commons, 427 Spencer Road, St. Peters, MO 63376 and is free to members ($10 for first time guests). 

February 8-12, 2017 

Society of Consulting Psychology Annual Conference

Ellen is headed to Seattle to participate in the Society of Consulting Psychology’s Annual Conference. She is co-presenting with Marino (Min) Basadur, PhD and Richard Perez, GYM Innovation General Manager at Proctor and Gamble. The session will focus on Consulting for Innovation: Integrating Cognitive Styles, Process and Skills.

Organizations must innovate to stay competitive but the innovation process is often poorly understood. The presentation introduces the Basadur Applied Creativity Process. Participants will learn and experience: the eight step innovation cycle; the assessment of the four cognitive styles needed for each phase of the process; and the different skills of diverging and converging to move a team from fuzzy problem to new solutions. Senior teams can then catalyze a culture of innovation and full engagement.

For more information on Ellen’s speaking engagements, contact us.

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